Johan en Kathys "Vendégház-Majsa-Room"        
Vakantie Appartement in het centrum van Kiskunmajsa



Location (Del-Alföldi)

The southern plain is one of the largest regions of Hungary with many untouched places.The authentic flora and fauna in combination with the various culinair specialties make each visit an adventurous event. The region is also an ideal location for people in search of peace and quietness.As the hungarians say „a place where even the sun takes a rest”.All in all, a holiday on the southern plain is a wonderful experience for everybody.The tourist has lots of possibilities to explore the typical pusta region, the friendly people, the peaceful nature and the tasty food.With a bit of luck you can witness a real „fata morgana”, the heat and the sun projecting upside down images of a village at the horizon.The great plain or pusta is the birthplace of many famous traditional hungarian products.Such as paprika from Szeged, handmade embroidery from Kalocsa, lace from Kiskunhalas, wines from sandground grapes, gooseliver, fruit brandy (pálinka), onions from Makó, fishsoup from Baja and sausage from Gyula.A visit to the Southern Plan is a must for the nature lovers.The national parks provide the scenery for many protected birdspecies. The parks also host herds of sheep, horses and cows.Throughout the region there there are many places where you can visit amazing horseriding shows, such as in Bugac and Lajosmizse.The region also counts many thermal spa’s.One of the most impressive you can enjoy in Gyula, with over 10 pools of thermal water, all of different temperatures and a large menu of massages and health treatments this is a real treat for every guest.To enjoy art, buildings and monuments you must visit cities as Szeged, Kecskemét and Békescsaba.